We believe that a solid IT-landscape forms the foundation for future-proof business processes. With this thought in our minds, we develop, build and manage digital integration solutions that maintain systems and organizations flexible and grant insight over business processes. Both locally and in the cloud.



“A problem shared is a problem halved”



We believe that a solid IT-landscape is the foundation for future-proof business processes. That is the reason why we propose integration solutions that maintain systems flexible and grant insight over business processes. The resulting IT-landscape proves itself to be future-proof.

Increasingly more organizations, systems and people integrate. The IT- landscape has evolved from local and freestanding applications to grand scale landscapes of integrated services and applications that run both locally as well as in the cloud. The emerging world of system integration moves at an ever faster pace, becoming increasingly complex and above all more critical. In an effort to meet these new needs, all too often cobbled-together solutions are devised, in which the desired oversight is lost. This results in a rigid IT-landscape, which limits the agility of organizations.

Integrating organizations and departments with all their associated business processes and system applications in the right way ensures a solid foundation. This makes the cooperation between systems and departments simple and transparent. Therefore, new data only has to be inserted once, and a new client of supplier can almost effortlessly be connected to existing processes.

In this way we obtain reliable yet flexible data and business processes. Because of the newly gained oversight at a functional, technical and configurational level, new wishes and improvements can be quickly deployed. This way the business can focus on the desired functionality without having to change the infrastructure repeatedly. As soon as the business requires a new or modified process or system application, these can directly plug into the existing foundation. The previously acquired data and knowledge can then be easily extended to include the required new functionality. In this way system integration contributes to the flexibility of organizations, building and adding components onto a sustainable IT-landscape where data and knowledge are efficiently shared.

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We can assist your organization by listening & observing, thinking & designing and offer helping hands when building your implementations with or for you. If desired we can also manage and support your solutions once in production.

We can also support our fellow IT professionals with education and training to accomplish optimal system integration. Participants will be trained on the aid of explanations and execises based on real-world examples or their actual projects. In this way an organization can continue to rely on its own strengths in terms of business knowledge and information.


esb – easy bus


Our ESB “easy bus” simplifies the integration architecture of an IT-landscape and makes it clear and insightful. Easy bus acts as an extension socket for applications to connect and send information to.

As easy bus integrates applications and the associated data and processes, it offers simplicity and overview. Easy bus provides a monitoring tool where all processes can be seen at a glance. This monitoring tool shows, at a functional level, what processes completed and where an error occurred, in which step and drills down to the underlying cause. A distinction is made between technical -, functional -, process – and configuration errors so that they can be communicated through to the right person in order to minimize the impact of exceptions and possibly even prevent failures that would influence business.

The graphical interface makes easy bus pleasant and easy to use. You’ll be guided through the program by using drag & drop tools and following wizards. This makes it accessible both to the company employees, such as developers and administrators, and to the consultants off the market who become involved in a project.

We believe that any organization, be it big or small, is entitled to a clear and reliable IT-landscape. For this reason, easy bus is made available on different entry levels: Standard, Enterprise and Enterprise Multi. The solid foundation and the scalability of easy bus are based on Microsoft BizTalk Server and Microsoft SQL Server.

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Master Data Management


Every organization uses a data source, also called master-data. This master-data consists of basic information about, for example, processes, customers, employees and products. This makes it perhaps the most important business data because many systems are dependent on this data source. Master data is often stored in different systems. For example, both the CRM system and the accounting system use customer data. Each of these systems has its own data model and storage that uses part of the master data. Thus, the master data is imported into multiple systems, resulting in many duplicates. This can result in an uncontrolled growth of the data. Changes and additions have to be applied separately on every duplicate, causing variations in the master data and posing the question of which is the last and correct version. This is clearly not desirable: your data becomes unreliable, managing and correcting the data costs a lot of time and the most recent information is not always available to everyone.

Master Data Management

It is of the outmost importance to manage data correctly. Here comes Master Data Management (MDM) into the picture. MDM consists of several procedures, processes and technologies that ensure that data is unambiguous and reliable in order to optimally support business processes.

How easy bus contributes to Master Data Management

When people think of MDM, all too often they imagine a “magic” tool or technique that will, all by itself, ensure a good quality of the data. We strongly believe that the organization itself and the responsible design of the business processes are actually the most important factors. The technique comes in only at a later moment to support in executing those processes. Process-level agreements will have to be made about how data should be handled and it is important to determine which are the master sources. Easy bus can then provide the other systems with the required data from the master data source either in real-time or through synchronization. When adopting this strategy, there is only one master dataset that has to be maintained. All other systems will now receive the current data at all times when it is needed. And what if the data model for the target system looks different than the master data? Easy bus takes care of transformations and enrichment of the data in order for the target system to always receive the expected information. In doing so, it prevents that a system may receive data that is different from what it expects. For example, perhaps the customer did not enter the postal code correctly. Easy bus can indicate that there is an “error” in the data. In this case you get a proactive message from easy bus. A functional administrator can then handle this error before serious disturbances occur.




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